• *One word to describe this actor: ‘NARCISSIST.’

Let’s go over how this ‘TRUE NARCISSIST’ daily life is like.

On the episode of ‘Home Alone’ 298, Nam-goong Min makes a scene and shows the viewers a true definition of a luxurious life. His curtain opens automatically by just one touch of his finger.

home alone namgoong min

Then, he starts his morning by having breakfast. He eats bread as if he was acting in a scene of a drama.

Hosts of ‘Home Alone’ were all shocked at the way Nam-goong Min enjoys his breakfast.

And it seems like he has a designated seat. He HAS to eat and drink in this seat.

Then he goes out to buy flowers to decorate his place. I didn’t know he would be the type who buys flowers but apparently on this episode, Nam-Goong Min is serious about buying flowers!

He cannot just pick any flowers. For him, picking a flower is like picking an outfit for a date. Everything has to be perfect.

He seems perfect and very serious, but he struggles to put water in the flower vase. (LOL)

This is another scene where he grooms himself to get ready to go out. Like I said before, everything he does, it all has to be in a very serious, meticulous way. Even doing his hair.

*Nam-Goong Min’s hair tip: after all the hair spray and gel, lie down and let the gravity pull your hair. Your hair will have more volume this way.

I was wondering where he was going with his perfect hair, but he went to go sing. Or should I say, ‘to check up on his singing skills’.

After he finally realizes singing was just not meant for him, he finds another joy in his life. Nam-goong Min told the ‘Home Alone’ hosts, that he would like to become next Yoo Jae-suk. Meaning, he really enjoys to lead the conversation and speak in front of the people.

So, he invites his staffs over and prepares a quiz show. And truly by the look of his face, he looks sincerely happy.

Nam-goong Min, ‘Do you want me to MC?’ LOL

The reason why I described him as a narcissist, was because throughout the whole episode, unlike other guests, Nam-goong Min seems to enjoy watching his own clip. Like literally, he finds himself funny.

Whatever makes you happy, go for it, Min! 🙂 To watch the full ‘Home Alone’ episode 298 & 299, subscribe to KOCOWA! And thank you for reading my post!

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