Gone are the days when angels were portrayed as highly respected holy entities. “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” shows the lives of angels from a different perspective–angels go on missions and ascend to heaven only after completing enough of them.

For some, they would take on human forms to conduct these missions, and that’s where little disasters happen inevitably… because they get to do all things mortal.

Their conflicting instincts.

Angels are kind and have supernatural powers. With these two put together, it would only make sense for them to save lives whenever they can.

Angel Dan (Kim Myung-Soo) meddles with lives by setting animals free before they get sold to the markets. His senior angel Hu (Kim In-Kwon) warns him to stop doing that. So, are these angels supposed to suppress their instincts?

Talking to themselves habitually.

Isn’t habit a really scary thing? Human Dan momentarily forgets that he has taken on a human form and insults Lee Yeon-Seo (Shin Hye-Sun) under his breath (read: talking out loud.)

It’s what he has always done habitually as an angel, it’s just… people can hear him really loud and clear this time.

“It’s unsightly and disgusting.”

As an angel, nothing should feel more insulting than having a mortal calling that pair of wings disgusting!

But unfortunately, some humans enjoy imitating them by wearing artificial wings on their backs. Assuming that’s the case, Yeon-Seo tries to pull them out forcefully, leaving Dan with no choice but to cry out in pain and beg her to stop.


Food fights!

Without their powers in human forms, they could only resort to little childish fights with humans. And of course, their inexperience in these mortal food fights puts them in a disadvantage when they go against mortals.

Which in this case, Dan loses… a few strands of hair.

Getting misunderstood as a spy.

Yeon-Seo interrogates Dan and asks who was the one who sent him here. Dan points to the skies and replies, “From the above.” This leads to Yeon-Seo misunderstanding him as a spy and Dan being left dumbfounded.

To be fair, it’s going to be really difficult to explain everything to her, and he will probably still end up in the police station anyway.

Resorting to picking up money on the street.

Dan is famished like any ordinary human when they don’t eat. And like any ordinary human, he gets excited seeing money on the floor. He thinks of using the money, that could belong to someone else, to buy some food to satisfy his hunger just like any… wait, what?

Being followed everywhere.


Being an angel on a mission is where stalking becomes legal. Dan‘s senior angel cares about Dan a lot, but he doesn’t really care about giving him some private time. He can be found in almost every unexpected corner near Dan while putting on some of the most convincing disguises.


Here’s an exclusive interview with Kim Myung-Soo and Shin Hye-Sun!

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