Jae-Ha Kim


It’s always fun to see Korean groups like BTS, Blackpink and Day6 being interviewed on American talk shows. But it’s also eye-opening to see international acts having fun on South Korean programs, whether it’s Tom Cruise appearing on “Running Man” or NBA star Stephen Curry on “Infinite Challenge.” But one of the most charming segments I’ve seen in a long time is 5 Seconds of Summer’s guest appearance on “YO~! WELCOME TO KOREA!”

In Korean culture, Choseok is a major holiday that’s equivalent to Thanksgiving. And SBS gave viewers a gift by airing the “BTS Variety Chronicles” — a collection of hand-picked segments from the group’s various variety show appearances on the network. That inspired us to curate our own best of picks, but we’re not going to limit it to just SBS shows or funny moments. Here are some of our favorite BTS’ appearances!

The old amnesia plot device isn’t new, but it’s something that K-Drama fans have come to love (to hate, sometimes). While it’s a trope, I must admit that many scriptwriters do an admirable job of keeping viewers guessing as to what will happen next.

Do we have any Lee Seung-gi fans here? You’ll be delighted to know that KOCOWA has added the classic series, “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho” (with subtitles in languages like English and Portuguese). The K-Drama also stars one of my favorite actresses, Shin Min-a, as a real-life fox. Sort of.