If you’ve watched “Still 17” then you’ll definitely recognize the leads Park Shi Eun and Yoon Chan Young in this drama. “Everything and Nothing” is a mini series revolving around the daily lives of two high school students with their own set of personal problems and how they go about coping with them. 

Now be warned, the drama’s pacing is that of a slow burn rather than a quick dramatic hook at the end of every episode that might be found in RomComs or other dramas. In order to truly enjoy this, you’ll definitely need to be in a more serious mood as the plot revolves around “mature” themes like divorce, sex, and adultery from the eyes of a teen. The story jumps back and forth between the characters Ahn Seo Yeon (Park Shi Eun) and Go Min Jae ( Yoon Chan Young) who both attend the same high school. 

Seo Yeon is a well-rounded student who excels in piano, however, her relationship with her parents is rather rocky after the divorce. Little by little she develops a self-destructive behavior as she becomes detached and simply goes through the motions of life rather than being present in the moment. A feeling many teens go through at some point in their lives. 

SBS Everything-and-Nothing_Park-Si-Eun
Park Si Eun | Ahn Seo Yeon

On the other hand, Go Min Jae is your average student who is failing math and needs a tutor. Although quiet and to himself, he begins to suspect something’s wrong with his parents’ relationship and decides to sneak around to see if what he suspects of them is true rather than confront them directly. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he crosses paths with Seo Yeon on different occasions which leads both of them to confide in one another in an attempt to make sense of their lives. 

Yoon Chan Young | Ko Min Jae

It is during these scenes, in which they share their thoughts, that makes this story so great (and sad to be honest). Their desperation and stress truly make you want to hug the characters and tell them that it’s going to be ok. Although their situations might not be too common, they’re real to the point where you might say, “yeah, It be like that sometimes.” You get this raw coming of age feeling that I’m sure everyone experiences in their own way during their adolescent years. A lesson which teaches you about maturity, self-development, and the realities of life.

I really want to recommend you to watch the series on KOCOWA if you’re feeling pensive or ‘some type of way’. 

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