The girls in “Love Me Actually” have been surprisingly straightforward in letting the rest know who they are interested in.

Who are they? What kind of person are they? Let’s have a closer look at these attractive girls!

Chae Ji-An

Actress, 28.

Chae Ji-An cannot help but be a human magnet. Many guys are attracted to her, and that has surprised her several times too. But she shows who exactly she has interest in and draws a clear line with the people she doesn’t.

In the earlier episodes, Chae Ji-An tells the guy she likes that she will try to be more expressive. While it is still debatable if she has done enough, she did express her excitement cutely while describing the sound she heard when Heo Kyung-Hwan ripped his pants.

Yun Seon-Young

Model, 28.

Yun Seon-Young is almost a comedian with her timely hilarious jokes as she gets more comfortable with the members.

When Heo Kyung-Hwan joked that after crossing the love bridge with someone, it’d be compulsory to date that person, she quickly shows her wittiness by running away from him.

It’s a whole different thing when her heart flutters. She doesn’t hesitate to tell the guy that it feels like she’s on a trip with her boyfriend, letting him know that he does stand a chance.

Kim Ga-Young

Weather Forecaster, 31.

The newcomer Kim Ga-Young isn’t intimidated at all even when she’s joining the program midway. She has already decided on the person she wants to be with right from the beginning.

That also means taking away a bunny-shaped cotton candy from the guy she has no interest in and giving it to the person she likes to snap a picture of him. That’s not all, she returns the cotton candy to that same guy after she’s done. H-How… hurting…

The weather forecaster shows her surprisingly cute clumsy side at times, such as using two knives to slice bread.

Cho Soo-Hyun

Chef, 24.

Despite being a well-trained chef, the newest member Cho Soo-Hyun fails to hide her shyness and asks the guys carefully if the food she made tastes good. But the answer is obvious, the food is already delicious just by looking at it!

She’s also kind enough to acknowledge that others may feel awkward around her and replies a silly question thrown at her seriously.

Heo Kyung-Hwan asks her if she has finished serving the military, he only realizes that she doesn’t have to enlist only a few seconds later. The kindhearted Soo-Hyun simply answers that she went studying abroad to avoid embarrassing him.

Ji Yoon-Mi (Left the show)

Running a clothing business, 25.

Ji Yoon-Mi is a sweet and caring friend who helps out her friends and says nice things to them.

Learning that her roommate Hwang Se-On was troubled and couldn’t sleep at night, Ji Yoon-Mi gave Se-On her precious wish card because she thinks Se-On might need it more than her.

Min-Gue claimed he could write some Chinese characters but got them wrong, sweet Yoon-Mi consoles him by telling him that not knowing to write them doesn’t affect his life.

Also, as sweet as the attractive Yoon-Mi is, sugar attracts her a lot too.

Hwang Se-On (Left the show)

Model, 28.

Hwang Se-On is a brave girl who makes the first move all the time. Even when the atmosphere turned cold because of her, she tries to fix things on her own before leaving.

All these girls are charming and attractive in their own way. It’s hard to decide on one, but which of them is your favorite?


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    They are so cute! I can’t wait to see them perform live again here in our country.

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