Don’t you hate it when you’re someone who gets scared easily but your friends keep dragging you to haunted houses?

The experienced Running Man members have a few valuable tips for you to get through haunted houses here!

From Episode 354

1. Offer to be your friends’ cameraman.

That would make your job so much easier. You just have to stay behind and film them. Oh, and run when necessary.

And when these ghosts try to scare you, lie and tell them conveniently, “I’m not one of them, just a staff member.”

2. Say every word you know in the language they might understand.

If you happen to go to a Japanese haunted house, Kwang-Soo has a few Japanese words to prep you up, “sumimasen” which means “I’m sorry” and “itadakimasu” which means “Thank you for the food.” Don’t hesitate to throw out these words whenever these relentless ghosts follow you around.

3. Pretend to be sick.

Pretend that you’re about to throw up, or fall down in an exaggerating way and tell them you broke your leg. Your friends might finally be worried about you and let you leave prematurely.

4. Don’t let the ghosts wait too long.

Keep moving and refrain from staying at one place for too long. These ghosts might get bored and come to you instead.

5. Let “it” know you don’t like it… whatever “it” is.

If it’s the bed that’s scaring you, shout at the bed, “Bed, stop!”

If it’s a ghost that follows you everywhere, you may try your luck and ask the ghost how long is he or she going to keep this up.

From Episode 382

6. Don’t help these ghosts in anything. I repeat, do not help them in ANYTHING.

Unless it’s a mission to get out of the haunted house, help these ghosts at your own risk!

If the ghost keeps playing the same keys on a piano and wonders what the next key is, it’s never a good idea to help them recall what it is.

7. “I was here before.”

It’s perfectly fine to run out after these ghosts scare you, but you’ll still have to head back in to get through the haunted house. Here’s a trick that might work! Tell them that you were already here before and that you know exactly how they are going to scare you.

8. Make full use of obstacles.

You know that a ghost is waiting to pop out and scream in your ears soon. Make use of tables or any other props around to obstruct his or her way. It’d be a bonus if another ghost sees that and laughs. That ghost might decide to thank you for that little chuckle by cutting you some slack.

9. Be considerate!

These ghost actors are only going to put on their act until you leave the place, it’d drain them out otherwise. You can try to be considerate and leave the place quickly. They might be thankful for that and refrain from scaring you too much the next time. Do remember to say it out loud that you’re merely being considerate and not scared!

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