The Nokdu Flower” and “My Secret, Terrius” are available on KOCOWA! And that’s absolutely great news because these dramas are extremely binge-watch worthy.

So, what are these dramas about?

The Nokdu Flower

MAIN LEADS: Cho Jung-Seok as Baek Yi-Kang, Han Ye-Ri as Song Ja-In, Yoon Si-Yoon as Baek Yi-Hyun.

PLOT: Baek Yi-Kang is notorious in his town. He is the eldest son of a wealthy family, but because his mother is from a low social class, he has to go around harassing the people to earn his keep. His younger half-brother, Baek Yi-Hyun, is a well-mannered and intelligent person. He’s one of the few people who treat Yi-Kang well. As the Donghak Peasant Revolution breaks out, Baek Yi-Kang is forced to choose between being part of it or continue what he has been doing.

The Nokdu Flower” is based on the Donghak Peasant Revolution that happened in 1894, an important event that laid the cornerstone of Korea’s democratization movements. The story centers around two half-brothers, Baek Yi-Kang and Baek Yi-Hyun.

Baek Yi-Kang is a big bully in his town which made everyone avoid him like the plague. He doesn’t mind going by the name “That Man” and being treated like a slave in his family just because his mother is one. But it didn’t take him long to realize things–he didn’t feel too good walking down the busy streets while all the townspeople shunned him, leaving him to have deep thoughts alone in a corner.

On the other hand, his half-brother Baek Yi-Hyun is polite and smart. He dreams of a democratic world until his circumstances make him snap and force him to change.

The drama follows the growth in character of both brothers and addresses the events that had happened during the Donghak Peasant Revolution well.

Conflict is what makes this drama intense. From the inner conflict of the characters who are torn between choices, conflict between peasants and nobles, to the conflict between two brothers who could turn into enemies. All these are perfectly woven together to keep things really intense, which makes this drama… a little painful to watch when it hasn’t ended its broadcast.

Watch the teaser of “The Nokdu Flower” below!


My Secret, Terrius

MAIN CAST: So Ji-Sub as Kim Bon, Jung In-Sun as Go Ae-Rin, Son Ho-Jun as Jin Yong-Tae.

PLOT: A series of strange things happens to the mother of two kids, Go Ae-Rin. She loses her husband suddenly and a mysterious man moves in to live next to her after that. That man is Kim Bon who is a former NIS agent. He hides his identity and volunteers to babysit her children while Ae-Rin goes to work.

This definitely isn’t your usual spy drama where the spies are cool and overflowing with charisma.

Imagine a cool agent becoming a babysitter. Kim Bon uses the skills he had acquired as an agent to look for specific toys in a messy house and his strong stamina to play with them at the playground. The former agent’s occupational habits shed the cool image of spies that is portrayed in the usual agent dramas. He sweats when others ask him simple questions such as his age which makes him a suspicious person. And that little twist is the charm of this silly, yet adorable drama.

This isn’t all! The drama doesn’t only depend on him to make things hilarious and silly. You also get to see a surprisingly approachable villain (read: clumsy) and friendly housewives who could possibly be better agents than Agent Kim Bon because of how well-connected they are.

And… Did I mention how adorable Kim Bon and the kids are whenever they are together?

Watch the teaser of “My Secret, Terrius” below!

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