Being a fan of Yeo Jin-Goo would mean being blessed with so many great dramas! Yeo Jin-Goo has done practically all kinds of characters and it takes serious effort to keep up with all of them. Here, we have gathered up some of the most unique ones.

Are there any that you’ve not seen?

Perfect Boyfriend – “Absolute Boyfriend” (2019)

In this drama, Yeo Jin-Goo plays a robot that was created to be the perfect boyfriend material. He has all the qualities that would make girls fall for him. He fixes things well, brings an umbrella to his girlfriend when it rains, is good at housekeeping, and most importantly, he’s an eye-candy!

FOR VIEWERS WHO: want to experience heart flutters from a perfect boyfriend robot! And the main thing here is, it’s Yeo Jin-Goo.

Lookalikes With Contrasting Personalities – “The Crowned Clown” (2019)

Yeo Jin-Goo takes on two roles, an arrogant, crazy king and a clown here.

The arrogant king Lee Hun is shrewd and he’s aware of the political fights in the palace, but his mind is only filled with ways to survive on his own. In which, when he realizes that holding onto his throne threatens his life, he abandons everything without hesitating. That includes his love, the queen.

In contrast, the clown Ha Sun is forced into taking over the throne for Lee Hun and was asked to die in his stead. As Ha Sun learns more about the politics going on in the palace, he doesn’t try to abandon everything just to survive alone. Instead, he thinks of ways to save everyone, including commoners.

Yeo Jin-Goo portrays two characters so well that they seem like two different people altogether.

FOR VIEWERS WHO: want to be in awe with Yeo Jin-Goo‘s amazing acting skills.

The Eldest Son Who Babysits His Younger Siblings – “Into the World Again” (2017)

Here, Yeo Jin-Goo is a sweet brother who babysits his younger siblings, even after they become adults.

Sung Hae-Sung does all the household chores at home and takes on a parental role for his siblings as a student.

Hae-Sung wakes up 12 years later on his school’s rooftop after his death, only to find his siblings’ adult lives in a complete mess. While searching for what led to his death, he tries fixing his siblings’ lives and get them back on track.

FOR VIEWERS WHO: crave for a little family and friendship drama with Yeo Jin-Goo as the loving, mature older brother.

Boy Searching For His Older Brother Who’s Into Aliens – “Circle: Two Worlds Connected” (2017)

Of course, that’s not everything.

The complex drama tackles problems that set one thinking, and Yeo Jin-Goo plays a major part in it. Should painful memories be erased? What makes a person, somebody? Their memories, experiences, or consciousness?

FOR VIEWERS WHO: are in the mood to see Yeo Jin-Goo in a thought-provoking Sci-Fi drama.

Popular High School Boy – “Orange Marmalade” (2015)

Orange Marmalade” is a romance drama between the popular boy in school, Jung Jae-Min (Yeo Jin-Goo), and a vampire girl Baek Ma-Ri (Seol Hyun) who doesn’t want to stand out.

The drama has sweet romantic scenes between the leads, but took a slightly weird turn when it went historical after a few episodes. Although the historical parts are debatable, it’s still a good drama overall.

FOR VIEWERS WHO: are looking for a drama with Yeo Jin-Goo as the popular, charismatic boy in school. Overall, it has a simple romantic story (excluding its historical scenes!) between a vampire and a popular schoolboy.


Playful Crown Prince – “The Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012)

Playing as the younger version of Lee Hwon, Yeo Jin-Goo is a crown prince who falls for the intelligent and wise girl Heo Yeon-Woo (Kim Yoo-Jung).

At the same time, he also gives her brother, Heo Yeom who is his teacher, a hard time by not taking his lessons seriously.

FOR VIEWERS WHO: would like to reminisce the days when Yeo Jin-Goo was still playing as child versions of the main leads.


What are the other characters do you hope for Yeo Jin-Goo to do?

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