Aside from the heart flutters we get to experience from “Love Me Actually,” some of us live for that little tension going on between the couples. Now that the tension between Min-Gue and Ji-An is almost completely gone, it could be a good time for the other couples to step up their game and spice things up a little.

So, how are the couples doing so far?

Chae Ji-An & Kim Min-Gue with Cho Soo-Hyun

The two had drifted apart due to a series of misunderstandings, which led to Ji-An tearing up and Min-Gue expressing his frustration in the show. And even though Min-Gue had decided to give up on Ji-An, his silent eyes still wandered to her whenever he could.

Cho Soo-Hyun joined the show just in time, and was caught in the love triangle with the two as Min-Gue tried to move on using her.

Perhaps Min-Gue got tired of how popular Ji-An was and decided to leave her. But it could also be his insecurity at play, he needed Ji-An to spell things out for him constantly or he couldn’t be sure. In the end, both girls were hurt because of him–Ji-An for leaving her hanging, and Soo-Hyun for approaching her only to use her.

Would the other guys be able to handle this better? I would say it’s very likely.

Rooting for Ji-An‘s persistence towards Min-Gue as a viewer wasn’t easy because of his actions. I wanted to see Ji-An moving on to another guy instead, but at the same time, it was difficult to watch them with anyone without clearing up misunderstandings. Well, at least the two have managed to make things really intense during the Truth Game segments because of that.

THE SWEET MOMENTS: They are extremely attentive towards each other. Min-Gue could recall that she talked about sleeping at 2 am every night. And Ji-An remembers that he doesn’t eat seafood.

Oh Seung-Yoon & Yun Seon-Young

Unlike the other couples who take time to get to know about each other, Seon-Young fell for Seung-Yoon rather quickly. But that couldn’t be helped, he gave her a book and told her that he thought about her while reading it. Anyone would fall for that.

Eventually, Seon-Young had doubts about him after watching the broadcast which had hurt him a little. But Seung-Yoon tackled the problem well, he took time to ponder over it and decided to approach Seon-Young carefully after that.

While conflicts between the members can be interesting, this couple proves that dates can also be really thrilling with that strange romantic atmosphere around them.

THE SWEET MOMENTS: Seung-Yoon‘s sweet gestures such as giving her a cake for her birthday and Seon-Young asking innocent questions during the Truth Game such as, “Were you upset when I didn’t give you a dumpling?”

Heo Kyung-Hwan & Kim Ga-Young

Kyung-Hwan made serious efforts to win Ga-Young over and they went out on a date privately after that! They even told the crew they didn’t want cameras filming them on their private date. Among all the couples, these two have the highest potential of dating each other without the cameras.

THE SWEET MOMENTS: Kyung-Hwan making creative jokes, such as feeding Ga-Young the vegetable swing he made. And Ga-Young telling Min-Gue to sit back down when he attempted to help Kyung-Hwan reach out for the string.

Yang Se-Chan, Joo Woo-Jae, Cho Soo-Hyun & Kim Min-Sun

There isn’t really any connection formed between the four yet. So far, both girls, Soo-Hyun and Min-Sun, chose Se-Chan over Woo-Jae. It seems like Soo-Hyun is caught in another love triangle again, but Se-Chan chose to drive Soo-Hyun home instead of Min-Sun. That could be something.

Is Woo-Jae all alone without a partner now?

Well, there is just this one person who has good chemistry with him in this show.

The four might be the only ones who can create some tension between each other now that Min-Gue and Ji-An have made up. We could also watch the little romantic tension between the fixed couples that could be just as exciting.

What do you think?

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    Super agree about the minguexjian saga. To be honest, mingue was disappointing for giving up that early. Even after jian had already said the night before during the truth game that she’s interested in mingue, and after rejecting kyeong hwan, he should’ve known what jian felt for him. Jian was always clear in drawing a line for the other guys that wanted to pursue her. But I super love them both together, they’re too adorable, and the oozing chemistry, that I can easily forgive mingue for all he’s done. Just treat Jian well.

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