No, we’re not talking about extremely mean and scheming bosses, unfortunately. Here, we are talking about an eccentric boss who fights with curtains and gets jolted awake by the sound of thunder.

Seo Yi-Do (Shin Sung-Rok) is an eccentric character that tortures the people around him and does whatever he wants. With that fact alone, he’s supposed to be annoying but Yi-Do exudes an adorable charm with his little antics instead. Are there ways to deal with him? The drama says yes, while also showing how he punishes people who fail to do it right hilariously.

Threaten to shove him into the land of the dead. [Episode 7]

As he goes on and on about you being an evil spirit filled with sins, there’s a way to stop him from continuing. Calmly tell him that you want to shove him into the land of the dead.

Refrain from provoking him. [Episode 7]

You’ll never know when would an eccentric boss have a pepper spray in his hand ready.

Show your concern in another way. [Episode 8]

There’s no point in showing concern to someone who treats you like a servant. But still, it could create more problems if he does something that is dangerous for him.

In that case, Min Ye-Rin/Min Jae-Hee (Go Won-Hee) has a way to ask if he will be alright.

Forget about making him scrub the crabs. [Episode 9]

Dead crabs can still find its way to bite his finger somehow.

Get a little tipsy. [Episode 10]

Getting drunk is always an easy way to get petty revenge on someone that mistreats you all the time. Just make sure you retain enough strength to give him a nice slap on the back.

Leave when he tells you to. [Episode 19]

Or he will die from… humiliation.

He could be having his alone time doing his own thing, which might seem like a silly act to others.

And when he tells you to leave, it will be 2.5 seconds before he dies from humiliation.

The plot of this drama is simple.

Housewife Min Jae-Hee has devoted her youth to her family, but her husband doesn’t appreciate that in the slightest. He even finds it embarrassing to be together with her in public. She was given a mysterious perfume one day, and putting on the perfume could turn her into a young, beautiful woman. As she tries to fulfill her dream that she has long given up using her new appearance, she meets Seo Yi-Do, an eccentric and a mean fashion designer.

If you’re looking for a funny, cartoonish drama with fantasy elements in it, this would be perfect. The character Seo Yi-Do could easily make every scene hilarious with his childish antics. It’s always intriguing to see what he would do every time.

Wait… Is this another drama that highlights the importance of superficial beauty and appearance? Definitely not.

In fact, you get to follow Min Jae-Hee’s journey on learning to love herself despite her appearance and what others say about her through this drama.

What do you think about this drama?

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