Korean romantic dramas always have a way to turn cliche romantic scenes into little heart-fluttering surprises so we won’t ever get tired of them. It’s the same for the romcom “The Secret Life of My Secretary,” where they have some predictable scenes, but with little twists to make them unique and addictive to watch.

Despite all that, the drama has a slight flaw which leaves some viewers annoyed–the female lead Jung Gal-Hee (Jin Ki-Joo) impersonates Veronica Park (Kim Jae-Kyung) for longer than she should, only because she’s addicted to her boss’ romantic gestures.

Nearing the end, it seems like the fake Veronica Park has spent more romantic time with Do Min-Ik (Kim Young-Kwang) than Jung Gal-Hee herself. But between the two, who has the best heart-fluttering scenes? Well, heart flutters are why we watch romance dramas after all.

Here are some that I thought are the best 5 heart-fluttering scenes in the drama!

5. “I see you.” – with Jung Gal-Hee [Episode 10]

Do Min-Ik struggles with prosopagnosia (face blindness), but he wishes to see Veronica Park’s face even in his dreams. Half-awake, he pulls Jung Gal-Hee’s face closer, thinking it’s Veronica Park, and tells her that he can see her features clearly.

4. “Have an affair with me for 12 hours.” – with “Veronica Park” [Episode 15]

Jung Gal-Hee impersonates Veronica Park and meets Do Min-Ik to end things with him. She tells him that she already has someone else she likes and walks away hesitantly. Do Min-Ik grabs her wrist, pleading her to date him for another 12 hours even if she has someone else she likes.

3. “A little lower.” – with “Veronica Park” [Episode 16]

Do Min-Ik can’t see where Gal-Hee’s lips are. And when he is about to give up, Gal-Hee whispers softly and tells him where her lips are. In the end, Gal-Hee’s lips find his instead and they enjoy a bittersweet kiss mixed with lies.

2. Moss balls that float up when their hearts flutter – with Jung Gal-Hee [Episode 20]

As Do Min-Ik begins to realize his feelings for Jung Gal-Hee, he starts saying sweet things to her such as, “I want to be with you.” Hinting that his words have reached Gal-Hee in a subtle way, the moss ball behind her floats up beautifully.

Who says a moss ball can’t make things romantic?

1. “For your information, these are my lips.” – with Jung Gal-Hee [Episode 29]

Do Min-Ik tells her that he needs to raise his heart rate to be able to see her face clearly. Jung Gal-Hee grabs his hand excitedly and lets him feel where her lips are so he could find his way to her lips.

It seems like Jung Gal-Hee’s romantic scenes with Do Min-Ik are more heart-fluttering and intense even though she has spent more episodes going on dates with him as “Veronica Park”!

On one perspective, we see an average girl, who has spent most of her life serving others, experiencing what it’s like when someone else finally does something for her. On the other, “The Secret Life of My Secretary” has made its romantic scenes revolving around a man struggling with face blindness.

While this drama spends some time portraying how fearful face blindness is, it could be better if it goes deeper and focuses on the struggles of face blindness than only making it romantic.

What are your thoughts on this drama? And what is the most heart-fluttering scene for you?

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