Multitalented Korean actors and actresses just won’t give us a break! Some of these actors and actresses could even sing, dance, or even draw. And… what else can they do? Well surprisingly, apart from Korean, some of them could speak another language almost as fluently as native speakers!

Here are some actors and actresses that have truly impressed us with their foreign language skills.


Shin Se-Kyung

Shin Se-Kyung is an actress that has incredible English skills! Apparently, she had also stirred up the internet for allegedly writing an English poem during her middle school.

And here, she shows how fluent she is in English in “Pocha Beyond Borders”!

Where can we watch Shin Se-Kyung?


Drama: “Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung,” “Black Knight,” “The Girl Who Sees Smells” and “When a Man Falls in Love.”


Kang So-Ra

After Kang So-Ra impressed everyone with her fluent English in “Misaeng,” she revealed her little secret to it–she turned learning English as her hobby and mastered it on her own.

Here’s a clip of her speaking English almost fluently in “Misaeng.”

Where can we watch Kang So-Ra?

Drama: “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo,” “Warm and Cozy,” “Doctor Stranger” and “Dream High 2.”



Kim Go-Eun

Having lived in China for about a decade when she was younger, Kim Go-Eun learned to speak its native language. It was said that her Chinese speaking skills were as good as a native speaker, and she even corrected another actor’s pronunciation while filming the movie “Coin Locker Girl.”

Watch her speaking Chinese in “7th Asian Film Awards”!

Where can we watch Kim Go-Eun?

Variety: “E-news Exclusive” Episode 67.

Drama: “Guardian, the Great and Lonely God” and “Cheese in the Trap.”

Kim Go-Eun will also be starring in Screenwriter Kim Eun-Sook‘s highly-anticipated drama “The King: The Eternal Monarch” with Lee Min-Ho. It is set to air next year!


Seo Ye-Ji

Seo Ye-Ji went to a foreign country Spain alone and spent her college years there. And all she took was 3 years to speak Spanish almost as well as a native!

Here’s an interesting and funny account of her experience in Spain that she shared on “Knowing Brothers.”

Where can we watch Seo Ye-Ji?

Variety: “Knowing Brothers” Episode 65.

Drama: “Lawless Lawyer,” “Save Me,” “Moorim School” and “Diary of a Night Watchman.”



Lee Seung-Gi

Lee Seung-Gi is known to greet his Japanese fans in fluent Japanese. Not only that, he has also made a debut in Japan by releasing his first Japanese album Time for Love in 2012.

Lee Seung-Gi showed a little of his Japanese skills in “Master in the House“! Watch it below!


Where can we watch Lee Seung-Gi?

Variety: “Little Forest” and “Master in the House.”

Drama: “You’re All Surrounded,” “Kangchi, the Beginning,” “The King 2 Hearts” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.”

Who are your favorite actors or actresses that could speak fluently in another language? Are there any other Korean actors and actresses that you know could speak another language like a native?

Share it with me in the comments below!



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    The talented comedian Kim Sung Won was in my mind when I read this 🤔🙂

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      How about Ahn hyo seop? He can speak Chinese and English really well too

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    Where’s yoona? She’s an actress too and i believe she can speak Chinese too

    • KOCOWA

      I didn’t think of her! She is definitely one of those actors who can speak foreign languages

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    Not really an actor but the singer, Sung Si Kyung speaks pretty good English. I believe Ha Jung Woo and Kang Dong Won speaks decent English as well though not native sounding.

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