The school is losing its innocence when it should be the last place in the world to do that. It’s opening its eyes to corruption and discrimination—the dark side of reality. Bok Soo is back to school after 9 years to ruin the school, they say. But Bok Soo’s friend defends, “He’s not ruining the school, he’s trying to fix the school that’s already ruined.”

My Strange Hero has ended, the drama has left meaningful messages to its audience and the society. Not only that, the director of the series showed viewers his strong presence through his exceptional style of filmmaking.

Directors usually go “invisible” when viewers get too immersed in the piece. But it’s a real challenge to not feel the director’s presence in this one. He turned what were merely beautiful words that the scriptwriter had strung together into strong emotional and intense scenes with his artistic eye to frame the shots.

Before bidding this drama farewell, let’s go through some of the most moments that show the director’s strong presence one last time!

1. Oh Se-Ho’s attempt to jump (Episode 6)

Oh Se-Ho (Kwak Dong-Yeon) shouts, “Bok-Soo, look at me. Should I just kill myself?” Se-Ho giggles like a child, thirsty for Kang Bok-Soo (Yoo Seung-Ho)’s attention. He claims to be tired of life and wants to be at peace. Bok-Soo manages to grab his tie right before Se-Ho falls off. With tears welled up in his eyes, Se-Ho pleads Bok-Soo desperately, “Could you please save me?” Se-Ho pushes Bok-Soo’s hands away and falls off the roof.

2. Bok-Soo breaks the glass booth and teaches Oh Young-Min a life lesson (Episode 8)

None but ourselves can free our minds. The one that’s locking you up isn’t your mother or the school. It’s yourself.” – Bok-Soo’s words to Oh Young-Min

Bok-Soo breaks the glass booth, a symbol of the school’s hierarchical structure, he tells Oh Young-Min (Yeon Jun-Suk), “I broke this ridiculous prison cell for you, but you should free yourself from the prison in your heart.”

3. “Why don’t you ever ask me what happened?” (Episode 10)

Bok-Soo agrees to a duel with Se-Ho. He wins and leaves a small wound on Se-Ho’s neck. Son Soo-Jeong (Jo Bo-Ah) comes in after, she immediately misunderstands Bok-Soo without asking him what happened. Bok-Soo’s voice trembles as he asks Soo-Jeong, “9 years ago and now, why don’t you ever ask me what happened?”

4. “I’m sorry for asking you too late.” (Episode 12)

Soo-Jeong finally plucks up the courage to ask Bok-Soo what happened 9 years ago. But Bok-Soo went silent when she asked if he had hung out with her because he found her pitiful. Just as she decides to leave in disappointment, Bok-Soo replies, “Not because you were pitiful. I did those things because I liked you.” Soo-Jeong smiles in relief and says, “I’m sorry. For asking you too late.”

5. Soo-Jeong and Bok-Soo’s bed scene (Episode 22)

Soo-Jeong lies on the bed nervously, she tells Bok-Soo that they will only be holding hands while they sleep. Moments later, Soo-Jeong chants anxiously, “Patience strengthens the soul.” Bok-Soo gets up and says, “I was really going to hold it in at first, but I can’t because of you.”

6. Teacher Park quits for Bok-Soo’s sake (Episode 22)

Bok-Soo wants to quit school after realizing that Teacher Park (Cheon Ho-Jin) has resigned from his position because of him. Teacher Park grabs Bok-Soo by his arm, “I don’t think I’ll be able to get back on my feet if I fail to protect you again.” He pleads Bok-Soo while touching his cheek, “You have to graduate this time, Bok-Soo. Please.”

7. “Just… die.” (Episode 26)

Lee Chae-Min (Jang Dong-Joo) stands on the edge of the roof, Bok-Soo and Soo-Jeong recall what they had witnessed 9 years ago. Se-Ho walks up to Chae-Min with dead-looking eyes and says, “Just kill yourself then. Just… die.”

8. “All of you are wildflowers.” (Episode 29)

Soo-Jeong prepares to leave the school, choked in tears, she reminds her students in the wildflowers class, “All of you are flowers. You’ll face many setbacks in life, but just remember this one thing, you are all flowers. You’re all wildflowers that will still bloom even after being trampled on.” Her class of wildflowers sends her off and lets Soo-Jeong know that she’s a flower too.

Life is like walking on thin ice. But I want to tell you that life is still worth living. There will always be someone next to you, watching over and trusting you. Even if it’s just one person, that person is there for you. And that’s why you shouldn’t give up on life.” –Bok-Soo’s graduation speech, Episode 31

What were some of the most impactful moments for you? Let me know in the comments section!


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