Electronic music producer/performer, KIRARA (키라라) has released 5 EPs and three full-length records. KIRARA’s musical journey extended over the country after being awarded at the Korean Music Awards 2016 for best Electronic & Dance Album for her 2nd LP [moves]. KIRARA has also actively performed on various stages including oversea tours such as Nuits Sonores 2016, Trans Musicales 2017 and UMF Korea 2018. KIRARA has released her third album, [Sarah] and is ready to continue her journey worldwide.

The night before her performance at Korea Spotlight during SXSW, KIRARA was kind enough to sit down with KOCOWA to discuss her music.

KOCOWA: When did you start making music?

K: I first started at age 14 playing around with my computer up until now, so in total it’s been a 12 years since I’ve been making music.

KOCOWA: Where do you get your inspiration from?  

K: I tend to get my inspiration depending on the weather and other music. I tend to make a lot of my music during the winter months when there’s more emotion in the air. Musicians that inspire me are, Cornelius [pop-noise savant from Japan], Shinichi Osawa, and The Chemical Brothers.

KOCOWA: What’s your most favorite track you’ve created?

K: I think my best track is called “BLIZZARD”. The reason being is because when I make dance music, I always put my wish and hope for LGBT issues in my music. Since it’s hard for queer people to live safely in Korea, I hope to create a better understanding for this community through the music I make. It gives me a sense of passion when I perform. “BLIZZARD” is a track that can show that passion the most. So it’s my favorite.

KOCOWA: What would you like to say to your fans or new listeners of your music?

K: I want to let them know that there’s a transgender musician like me in Korea. I think K-pop is a very dichotomous industry. As you know there’s a lot of things going astray in Korean Entertainment at the moment….Actually I don’t know how, but I hope to make a difference in Korea’s music industry.

KOCOWA: Are you nervous about performing tomorrow?

K: Although I’ve performed over 200 times in Korea over the past 5 years, I’m still a little nervous about the showcase since it will be my first time performing in the States, but I’m glad that people here are very energetic.

Make sure to check out her music below!

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