Spring is here and so is the urge to go on a date with your crush! Here are some fashion examples from KOCOWA that you can follow for your Spring Fling date 🙂

Sophisticated Career Woman Look

What can be better than a sophisticated career woman look? If you want to give your crush a ‘MATURE’ look, then this look is definitely for you!

My Fellow Citizens Kim Min Jung

My Fellow Citizens” – Kim Min-Jung

Doctor prisoner Kwon Nara

“Doctor Prisoner” – Kwon Na-Ra

Comfy Tomboy Look

Let’s suppose you woke up late for your first date… OOPS! Then this comfy tomboy look is not THAT BAD after all… Put on your favorite cap, sweatshirt and walk out the door! Maybe, what your crush is looking for is not what you wear outside, but what you wear INSIDE 🙂

“Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok Joo” – Lee Sung-Kyung

My Fellow Citizens Lee You Young

“My Fellow Citizens” – Lee You-Young

Lovely Girly Look

Sometimes, you really want to pull-off your lovely girly look just like the characters on your favorite K-Drama. Don’t just sit there and be envious of them, go put on your blouse and skirt. NOW IS THE TIME!

love me actually chae ji an

“Love Me Actually” – Chae Ji-An

Love Me Actually Ji Yoon mi

Love Me Actually” – Ji Yoon-Mi

Chic Feminine Look

This look is hard to pull-off… It certainly is for me, at least… BUT, if this date might be a game changer for you, then this look might be the ONE! Show your crush the different side of you!

The secret life of my secretary kim jae kyung

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” – Kim Jae-Kyung

Cutesy Adorable Look

You probably have seen this look many times on K-Dramas and you might think, ‘What is up with her acting all cute and curling her bangs like that?!?’ BUT… this cutesy adorable look worked on her crush in the drama! I mean… it IS A DRAMA, but why not try on real life?

the secret life of my secretary jin ki joo

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” – Jin Ki-Joo

kdrama fashion
I picked “Love Me Actually” Ji-An’s lovely girly look as my Spring Fling date outfit!

NOW, WHAT IS YOURS?!?! Look for more Spring Fling date look on KOCOWA!

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