Aside from their great acting skills, many actors and actresses display completely different and surprising charms when they go on variety shows. For fans, that is simply another reason to love these actors and actresses even more.

Here are some actors and actresses that we think are totally different in variety shows and dramas!

Lee Sang-Yun

Lee Sang-Yun is usually serious and calm in his dramas.

The same goes for his latest drama, “VIP.” His character Park Sung-Joon, takes his issues seriously and chooses not to lie–even when his wife Na Jung-Sun (Jang Na-Ra), tells him to when she suspects that he has committed adultery.



But who would have known? The same actor could use those serious eyes to do something completely unexpected–dressing up as “Lightning Man” and trying to cook a piece of meat by shooting lasers from those same eyes.



Where can we find Lee Sang-Yun on KOCOWA?

Dramas: “VIP,” “Whisper,” “Angel Eyes,” “Goddess of Fire.”

Variety show: “Master in the House.”



Lee Da-Hee

The charismatic actress is such a girl crush in both of her latest hit dramas, “Search: WWW” and “Beauty Inside”! In those dramas, both characters were strong, independent women but had little soft sides to them which made them just so lovable.


Lee Da-Hee‘s charms do not just end there. 2018 was her year of showing that adorable, silly side of her through “Running Man“!


Where can we find Lee Da-Hee on KOCOWA?

Dramas: “Mrs. Cop,” “Secret Love.”

Variety shows: “Running Man” Eps 388, 389, 392-396, 347.


Seol In-Ah

In “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life,” Seol In-Ah played a gentle young lady who speaks her mind. If a man makes her heart flutter, she tells him shyly that her heart fluttered because of him.


But look at her explosive dance moves on “Running Man” as she dances to Big Bang’s Bang Bang Bang!


Where can we find Seol In-Ah on KOCOWA?

Dramas: “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (lead role),” “Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo,” “School 2017.”

Variety shows: “Section TV Entertainment News,” “Running Man” Eps 388, 389, 426, 427.


Namkoong Min

Namkoong Min played a really competent doctor, Na Yi-Je, who does not really use his medical knowledge to save lives in “Doctor Prisoner.” Instead, he decides if he wants to send someone to prison by stabbing that person ruthlessly with a syringe.



The actor struggled to make bibim ramyeon in “Home Alone” and went back to check the recipe several times.

In truth, making bibim ramyeon is almost as simple as making regular instant noodles.

Where can we find Namkoong Min on KOCOWA?

Dramas: “Doctor Prisoner,” “The Undateables,” “Distorted,” “Good Manager,” “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim,” “Remember,” “The Girl Who Sees Smells.”

Variety shows: “Home Alone” Eps 298, 299.


Lee El

In “Matrimonial Chaos,” Lee El played Jin Yoo-Young who burst into tears and screamed at her husband Lee Jang-Hyun (Son Suk-Ku), for deceiving and cheating on her.


The actress however, went on “Ask Us Anything” and made a cute confession bashfully to show how she had confessed to someone she liked in the past.



Where can we find Lee El on KOCOWA?

Drama: “Matrimonial Chaos.”


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Do you know any other actors or actresses that seem really different from their acting roles when they go on variety shows? Share it with me in the comments below!




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