The model-turned-actor has definitely come a long way. Unlike some really fortunate actors and actresses who shot to stardom quickly with just one or two dramas and movies, Kim Jae-Young took a while to catch the audience’s attention.

Fortunately, his hard work has paid off. 2019 is a big year for him! He has starred in two different dramas, taking on important roles this year.


Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life

Main Cast: Kim Jae-Young, Seol In-Ah, Yoon Bak, Jo Yoon-Hee.

Synopsis: Koo Joon-Hwi (Kim Jae-Young) is next in line to succeed the chairman position. He is also a self-centered individualist who hates being on the losing end. Kim Cheong-Ah (Seol In-Ah) is on the other end of the spectrum, her life has been pathetic compared to his. She is in her eighth year trying to pass the civil exams, while taking on part-time jobs to earn a living. The two meet and their perspectives on love change.

Here’s the trailer for “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life.”

Secret Boutique

Main Cast: Kim Jae-Young, Kim Sun-Ah, Jang Mi-Hee, Park Hee-Von.

Synopsis: Jenny Jang (Kim Sun-Ah) worked in a bathhouse when she was younger. With the help of the head of Deo Group, Yeo Ok (Jang Mi-Hee), she slowly worked her way up to become a powerful figure that secretly solves problems for people from the upper class. Along with Yoon Sun-Woo (Kim Jae-Young), she works to right the wrongs that the richest families have committed.


Here’s a trailer for “Secret Boutique.

2010 – Modelling career

Kim Jae-Young made his debut as a model.


2011 – Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy

He made his first appearance on the small screen through the audition reality show “Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy” along with Dong Hyun-Bae, Yoo Min-Kyu, Do Sang-Woo and the others. It was a fierce competition and unfortunately, Kim Jae-Young did not win. Yoo Min-Kyu ended up being the winner and was awarded a role in the drama “Shut Up! Flower Boy Band.”


2013 – No Breathing

Two years later, Kim Jae-Young took on his very first role in the movie “No Breathing” and acted together with Lee Jong-Suk, Seo In-Guk, Kwon Yuri.


2018 – 100 Days My Prince

After a series of supporting roles and cameos in popular dramas such as “Hello Monster,” “My Secret Romance,” and “Black,” television viewers finally took notice of Kim Jae-Young through his role in the drama “100 Days My Prince” as Moo-Yeon!

Through an interview, Kim Jae-Young said that he had gained a lot more followers on social media after the drama aired. More people could also recognize him on the streets but only as his character “Moo-Yeon,” and not “Kim Jae-Young.”

The actor had mentioned that he would like to work harder to be known as “Kim Jae-Young” instead.

Are there any types of dramas that he is looking forward to doing next?

In an interview, Kim Jae-Young mentioned about hoping to take on roles in realistic romance dramas like “Love Temperature.” Let’s look forward to that, romcom fans!


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