With so many celebrities showing their love for Kim Jong-Kook, that leaves several questions that are snowballing by the day—just how attractive is he? What qualities does he have to have so many female celebrities falling for him?

But before we go into that, let’s have a look at the gorgeous female celebrities who have chosen him recently.

Hong Jin-Young

For years of being on “Running Man,” the popular trot singer has never wavered. Kim Jong-Kook has been the Hong Jin-Young’s number one pick whenever she joins “Running Man.” She often satisfies fans’ hearts by turning Kim Jong-Kook, who is known as the tiger on “Running Man,” into a little kitten by making him do all sorts of aegyo. The kitten has never refused her requests even though he isn’t really fond of doing those acts.

Song Ji-Hyo

After Lee Kwang-Soo’s dating news broke out, the Running Man members asked Kim Jong-Kook if he is thinking of getting married soon. He revealed his intention to get married next year and at least start dating this year. Kim Jong-Kook also expressed that he doesn’t like the idea of going to matchmaking sessions because he wants to find love naturally. And at that moment, Song Ji-Hyo who had been quiet throughout, finally spoke up, “Here is someone too.”

Well, when it comes to “meeting someone naturally”, Song Ji-Hyo does fit the bill.

Sayuri Fujita

Sayuri, the cheerful and witty girl, went to Kim Jong-Kook’s house and asked if she could take a look around his house on “My Little Old Boy.” As soon as Kim Jong-Kook agreed, she walked to his laundry room and started folding up clothes that are already dry. “Doing laundry for my husband is my dream,” she mutters, implying that Kim Jong-Kook was helping her with realizing her dream.

Han Ye-Seul

The beautiful actress, Han Ye-Seul, came on “My Little Old Boy” as a guest to promote her latest drama, “Big Issue.” When asked to choose between the four celebrities, (Kim Jung-Nam, Kim Jong-Min, Kim Jong-Kook, and Bbaek Ga), Han Ye-Seul replies sweetly, “I’d pick Jong-Kook.”

So, what kind of qualities does Kim Jong-Kook have that charmed these celebrities?

Here are some that I have gathered after close observations.

1. His muscular physique.

Kim Jong-Kook loves exercising and building up his muscles. Running Man members are always afraid to play against him whenever the game involves strength.

2. He can sing really well.

Jong-Kook has a really soothing voice, some call that the mosquito voice. He is also a popular wedding singer and has sung at Yoo Jae-Suk’s wedding.

3. Kind gestures.

Jong-Kook is famous for being loyal on “Running Man.” But when he was paired with Jeon So-Min during the “New Year’s RGP project” special episode, he betrayed her as he was confident that she would do the same.

But Jeon So-Min didn’t do that. Feeling guilty for what he has done, he wanted to buy Jeon So-Min a level by winning the rock, paper, scissors game. And… that kind of pissed off Yoo Jae-Suk for being too nice.

4. He takes good care of his health.

He leads a healthy lifestyle, or I should say, an excessively healthy lifestyle. He exercises so much that his doctors are telling him to exercise less. That’s not a common thing to hear from the doctors, isn’t it?

That’s not all, Jong-Kook also makes healthy smoothies out of raw chicken breasts (not the most delicious smoothie you would taste) every day.

But would his excessively healthy lifestyle deter these celebrities from being attracted to Jong-Kook?

We have an answer from one of them!

What other attractive qualities do you think Kim Jong-Kook has?

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    I agree with you, many mature women is intrested with him. But I like seeing him with Hong Jin Young.

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