kdrama exclusive interview

Out of the many Korean dramas that can be found on KOCOWA through Xfinity X1 , the cast of “Love in Sadness” was able to sit with us to discuss their thoughts on the characters they play on the show. Park Han-Byul plays the role of Yoon Ma Ri who’s in a less than perfect marriage with her obsessive husband Kang In-Wook played by Ryu Soo-Young. Ji Hyun-Woo is a young plastic surgeon (Seo Jung-Won) who helps Park Ha- Byul’s character escape her crumbling marriage while maintaining a one-sided relationship with Gallery Director Joo Hae-Ra (Wang Bit-Na).

KOCOWA: Using the Emojis, explain how you felt when you received your script.

Ji Hyun-Woo: Just like this emoji, I was laughing while crying from happiness. I understood the situation but I didn’t know how to express the feeling.

Park Han-Byul: When I read the script, I did exactly what she’s doing [referring to “facepalm” emoji]. This is difficult. All the characters are were so sad. The scenarios were all too urgent and serious. 

Ryu Soo-Young: When I first read it, I really enjoyed it, even before we received the final script. The moment I saw it, I was truly burning with passion. Then I became like this [facepalm emoji] although I started with a burning passion at first.

Wang Bit-Na: When I first read the script, rather than focus on the whole story, I focused on my character. I was excited. Yes, Joo Hae-ra is the kind of character I’ve been wanting to play. While everyone in the drama is having a rough time, I think I can be the one to cheer them up.

KOCOWA: Using the emojis, can you compare your character to previous roles you’ve played in other dramas?
kdrama exclusive interview

Park Han-Byul: This is what I was like in my previous drama [electricity emoji]. I played the role of a robot, but right now it’s this [shocked emoji]. The reason is because at the beginning of this drama there are many scenes where I’m terrified and scared by In-Wook.

Ji Hyun-Woo: My previous character was like a bomb [holds up bomb emoji]. I had a splinter stuck inside my head, so I could die at any moment. I lived with the danger of dying one day as I fall in love. As for my character now, I chose the “cry-laughing” emoji for may character because he’s both happy and sad. It’s hard but he has to love.

KOCOWA: Using the emojis, can you express your character?
kdrama exclusive interview

Ryu Soo-Young: My character is like fire. He’s like a bulldozer too. He tries to gain a lot of things by any means necessary, and he’s got a lot he can use since he’s rich. One thing he lacks however is love. I’m don’t know if he’ll be able to find that before the end of the series. 

Wang Bit-Na: I chose this emoji [idk emoji]. It gives the feeling of “Why not me”? I have a crush on Jung-Won.  I can’t understand why he tries to protect Ma-Ri. I think this is the one most similar to my character.

“Love in Sadness” is the wild romance drama of men and women in search for true love. Make sure to catch all new episodes on Xfinity X1!


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