“The Fiery Priest” turns out to be a great success with high viewer ratings, peaking at 20.9% so far. The drama is famous for being hilarious, with an unpredictable priest who has a bad temper. “The Fiery Priest” can be found on KOCOWA through Xfinity X1.

To get to know more about the actors, KOCOWA invites them over for a fun interview.

kdrama exclusive interview
Cast Begins with Self-introduction

Kim Nam-Gil: In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hello, KOCOWA viewers. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Kim Nam-Gil, and I play the role of Kim Hae-Il.

Kim Sung-Kyun: I’m Kim Sung-Kyun. And I play the role of Koo Dae-Young, a detective.

Lee Ha-Nee: I’m Lee Ha-Nee, and I play the role of Park Kyeong-Seon, a prosecutor. It’s nice to meet you.

kdrama exclusive interview
KOCOWA: “Among all the actors who’ve worn clerical clothing, I think I look the best.” [*lie detector*]

Kim Nam Gil: No. [Machine detects it as a lie.] Honestly speaking, I think I just look good… in long coats in general.

KOCOWA: “I think my comical acting is hilarious.”

Kim Sung-Kyun: Yes. [Machine detects it as the truth.]

KOCOWA: “Now, I feel disappointed when I don’t get humiliating scenes.”

Lee Ha-Nee: Not at all. I want to stop humiliating myself. I’m calm.[Machine detects it as a lie.]It’s not true!

Kim Nam-Gil: You want to be humiliated. You can be humiliated.

KOCOWA: Timid detective, short-tempered priest, passionate yet foolish prosecutor. Which one of you is most similar to your character?

[Using the props given, both Lee Ha-Nee and Kim Sung-Kyun point at Kim Nam-Gil, while Kim Nam-Gil points at himself]

Lee Ha-Nee: Can you say no?

Kim Nam-Gil: Yes.

Lee Ha-Nee: Can you? He has divine anger. He can’t stand injustice.

Kim Sung-Kyun: He doesn’t have a filter and talks however he wants.

Kim Nam-Gil: I agree. Because it’s true that I don’t like to talk behind people’s backs. And I don’t want to act weak in front of the strong. If anything, I should act stronger. And to the weak, I should be weak.

kdrama exclusive interview
KOCOWA: Father Kim Hae-Il, Detective Koo Dae-Young, which 1 of these 2 characters is more like your ideal type?

Lee Ha-Nee: Let’s see. I refuse to answer. It’s neither. Kim Hae-Il is too short-tempered. And Dae-Young is too stupid. So… I’ll be unhappy with either one. I wish they shared some characteristics. It’s not easy.

Make sure to catch all new episodes of “The Fiery Priest” on Xfinity X1!


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