They say the outcome doesn’t matter, it’s the effort that counts. All members in “Village Survival, The Eight S2” try their best to perform well for their teams, but some of them do it in a rather peculiar way, which contribute to their teams losing. At times, these members are the ones we adore more because of how much laughter they have given us.

In variety shows, it is usually far more interesting to watch members making silly mistakes rather than just watching people working seriously hard to win in games.

Here, some members make things funnier when they help their teams win, while for some, it’s the other way around…

Members who are better off helping their teams lose.

Jang Do-Yeon

When it comes to Jang Do-Yeon, there is a long list of things she has done to make her team lose during physical games.

She tries hard to snatch the ball from Kim Sang-Ho during a hockey game until he reminds her that he’s actually on her team.

It took Jang Do-Yeon a while to realize that she scored her own goal and her members were completely bewildered when she did that.

Song Kang

What would you expect to see from a guy who taps on a fish with his gloves to knock it out? I wouldn’t expect to see him contributing a lot to help his team win.

Song Kang forgets about the game and tries to do an armbar on his team member Kang Ki-Yong instead of helping him out.

Son Dam-Bi

Members are split into two teams and both are required to spin a certain number of times before they could answer quizzes given by Yoo Jae-Suk.

Son Dam-Bi doesn’t spin enough for several rounds, giving her opponent team the upper hand.

Kim Sang-Ho

Surely it isn’t easy to remember who is on your team and who isn’t. On multiple occasions, Kim Sang-Ho gets confused and does detrimental things to his team such as snatching away his team member’s cushion.

Members who are better off helping their teams win.

Yang Se-Hyung

Unlike the members mentioned above, Yang Se-Hyung is sharp and he’s usually the one making quick-witted responses to the members who does silly things.

Im Soo-Hyang

It’s needless to say that Im Soo-Hyang does her best to benefit her team. She goes from imitating cute little ducks and ostriches to dinosaurs walking on two feet.

Kang Ki-Yong

Kang Ki-Yong’s unpredictable mini dramas are often… sort of on the wild side. I guess he could become a popular makjang writer if he goes for that style.

There are currently 2 seasons of “Village Survival, The Eight” available on KOCOWA! Both seasons are equally enjoyable and would leave one wanting for more.

Will there be a third season released in the near future? The producing director Jung Chul-Min has shared his hopes for it after the end of the second season. Hopefully, we will get to see the same members in the next season too!

What are your thoughts for this variety show?

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