What would it feel like if your life revolves around someone else’s? And what if you’re not even a supporting character in their lives, but just a mere extra?

PREMIERES: October 2, 2019.

MAIN CAST: Kim Hye-Yoon, Ro Woon, Lee Jae-Wook, Lee Na-Eun.

AIRING ON: Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In the upcoming drama “Extra-ordinary You,” something strange happens to Eun Dan-Oh (Kim Hye-Yoon), our female protagonist, who isn’t really… the protagonist of her life. The high school student suddenly experiences gaps in her memory and could somehow see the future. And soon after, she gets the shock of her life, realizing that she is living in a comic book and is one of the few characters in the story that has self-awareness.

Just as she thought things couldn’t get worse than it is, Dan-Oh learns that she is nothing more than an extra and she doesn’t have much time left to live.

Refusing her fate that has already been written out for her, Dan-Oh attempts to make her own decisions and see if she could change her fate.

The first mission that she has given herself, is to find her real first love–a first love that will make her heart truly flutter, and not one that’s already been set up for her.

That is when she gets her fateful, unplanned encounter with the nameless student, who is only known as No. 13 (Rowoon). The boy is a poor nameless student that no one ever notices and was created only to make up the numbers in the class.

Who are the main protagonists in the comic book Dan-Oh is living in?

The comic is about a high school romance story that revolves around a girl named Yeo Joo-Da (Lee Na-Eun) and a group of good-looking and popular guys known as A3 (Yes, they are a paper size because they are characters printed on the comic book!).

One of the A3 guys is Dan-Oh’s fiance whom she is forced to have a crush on, Baek Kyung (Kim Jae-Wook). And the other is Lee Do-Hwa (Jung Gun-Joo), the second lead character that is designed to make its readers suffer from the second lead syndrome. Together with him and the male protagonist of the comic, Oh Nam-Joo (Kim Young-Dae), they form a love triangle with female protagonist Yeo Joo-Da.

Extra-ordinary You” is based on the fantasy romance webtoon “July Found By Chance”! In the webtoon, the poor protagonists’ lives hold less importance than even sidekicks in a story. But still, they struggle to change their destinies and carve out their very own lives within a really restrictive world. It makes them so much more endearing and it hurts more to see the characters grow to become self-aware in such a situation.

As they seek out to add meaning to their existence, they make their lives more extraordinary than what was predetermined for them.

By looking at the teasers, it seems to highlight only the hilarious parts of the drama, putting it on a lighter tone. Will the drama be able to portray how pitiful the main protagonists are? Or is it going to be kept light and hilarious? Whatever it is, we will be able to find that out real soon!

Extra-ordinary You” will begin airing this week! While waiting for it, subscribe to KOCOWA and start watching the teasers on KOCOWA!

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