Before he died of undisclosed causes on December 3, 2019, Cha In-ha was a rising young actor with a promising career. He didn’t seem to care whether he was the lead or not. Instead, he picked solid roles in intriguing dramas that were helmed by good directors and scriptwriters.

Born as Lee Jae-ho on July 15, 1992 in Goyang, South Korea, he later took on the stage name of Cha In-ha for professional reasons.

Just two years into his career, he had filmed seven K-dramas, including the following:


K-drama: “Love Temperature

Network: SBS

Role: Kim Ha-sung

K-drama: “Queen of Mystery 2

Network: KBS2

Role: Dae-yoon


K-drama: “Wok of Love

Network: SBS

Role: Bong Chi-soo

K-drama: “Are You Human

Network: KBS2

Role: Hwang Ji-yong

2018 to 2019

K-drama: “Clean with Passion for Now

Network: JTBC

Role: Hwang Jae-min


K-drama: “The Banker

Network: MBC

Role: Moon Hong-joo

K-drama: “Love With Flaws

Network: MBC

Role: Joo Won-suk

Starring Ahn Jae-hyun and Oh Yeon-seo, “Love With Flaws” was one of Cha’s highest-profile roles. The K-drama was just into its second week of episodes when news of Cha’s death was announced. Cha’s agency, Fantagio, released a statement confirming his demise, stating they were “heartbroken to deliver sad news to everyone who has sent lots of love and support.”

No one was sure what would happen to Cha’s part — whether his role would be cut out or they would re-shoot some scenes with another actor. But in the end, MBC and the production team said they wanted to honor the actor by leaving his work intact. Their official announcement included the following statement:

The production team and cast of MBC’s Love with Flaws are unable to hide our profound grief at the sudden passing of Cha In-ha. First, we express our deepest condolences and sympathy towards the family of the deceased who has lost a precious family member. During the filming period, Cha In-ha worked more passionately than anyone during the drama filming. We will remember the efforts of Cha In-ha, who always worked hard with his shining presence on set in order to create a good drama.

Many viewers cried when they read the tribute to the late actor in the credits.

In South Korea, many entertainers are triple threats, who are adept at acting, dancing and singing. Cha was no exception. A talented singer and dancer, he was a member of the pop group Surprise U (서프라이즈 U). They debuted shortly before his 25th birthday in 2017. The quintet had an intriguing element that set them apart from other K-pop groups: All of the members were also working actors. After Cha’s death, Kim Hyun-seo, Yoon Jeong-hyuk, Eun Hae-seong and Ji Geon-woo deliberated with their management company before making the decision to continue on with the group as a quartet.

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He was just 27 years old at the time of his passing.

Cha In-ha, we hope you are at peace. We will not forget you, your hard work or your radiant smile.


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    Hwa Arendale Reply

    As a Newbie, I am continuously searching online for articles that can be of assistance to me. Thank you

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    من الذي جعلك حزين وكئيب لكي تموت هكذا وانت في ريعان شبابك ؟!! عندما أرى صورك واسمك البارز في الدراما فقط أبكي وادعو لك بالرحمة دائما .. ارقد بسلام ورحمة الله عليك والصبر لكل عائلتك ومحبينك

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    Why isn’t anyone finding this weird. Too many suicides and deaths happening in k industry recently, and no one talks about it. Why would young stars decide to die so easily. This all should be investigated

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    Oluwabukola Pereira Reply

    This is sad. May his soul rest in the bosom of our Lord!

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    Myrna K Rodriguez Reply

    Cha In Ah I discovered you in Wok of Love and fell in love with your extraordinary beauty and son is the exact same age..I’m sorry the world was not kind to you..I’m sorry if you just couldn’t cope..I’m sorry you left so soon..I can’t imagine my son dying..I lost my 33yo daughter 8-26-19 and life is so hard..I wish you well in the next life lets hope its better to you..RIP you wonderful man and see you in your next drama…💜💔😢

    • KOCOWA

      Thank you Myrna for sharing your personal story. I am really sorry for your loss. 🙁 May his soul and your daughter’s soul rest in peace.

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      I discovered him in the drama ” Love With Flaws” I watch this drama because of the main role but never thought I would fall in love with him now it’s all gone😭😭😭😭can you imagine I just wake up and find the news on my phone screen 😥😥

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    I am still heartbroken and can’t believe he’s not with us anymore.
    I first saw him in “Clean with passion for now” and wished a bright future for him. It’s been only a year and now he’s gone ;(
    He had a beautiful smile and his acting was natural.
    I’m currently watching “Love with flaws” and his role is interesting.
    I’ll try to remember him as long as I can.

    • KOCOWA

      Same.. It breaks my heart watching him in ‘Love with Flaws’ 🙁 We shall all remember him forever!

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    His character in LWF is my favorite. Finally, a kdrama homosexual character who is natural and subtle, without ridiculous stereotypes. He’s unapologetic and confident. I love that he is physically strong and hot tempered, protective. His character appears to be the glue that holds the family together.

    What a talented actor who will be greatly missed. I only found out about his passing because I was so impressed with his role in Episodes 21-22 that I went searching for other works with him. I’m devastated.

    • KOCOWA

      I love his character in LWF too. He is such a versatile actor. I cannot believe he is gone now..

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    m i l k y w a y s Reply

    i’m also sorry and hope to calm down there …. I am a fan and love you very much !!! i love you forever.

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    I am devastated and crying as I write. I am just in to watching this drama as we speak. I started watching last week and just saw this. I’m not sure I can continue watching… such a great loss… so sorry to everyone who knew him

    • KOCOWA

      Exactly…. It’s very hard watching him in ‘Love with Flaws’ 🙁

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    So sorry for the loss of a great person. Who was so fantastic job what ever he did . I just started to watch theirs dramas . And love them from the start . My heart and thoughts go to he family and work College . May he RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      Rosa Alvarez Reply

      Es tragico que estos artistas Koreanos están dejandonos. Pero quizás a un universe mejor que este. Es triste que esto suceda cuando ellos no pueden exoresar lo que sienten. EPD y que el Señor te acoja simpre. Te queremos mucho aqui en America y muchos paises que siguieron tu carrera en temprana edad.

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